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Nivio launches the World’s first true Rs 4999 Computer

May 28th, 2009 admin

Nivio ( www.nivio.com ), the world's first online Windows desktop , has unveiled the nivioCompanion in New Delhi , India ; a tiny US$100 set-top box device with big ambitions and the power of Nivio behind it. nivioCompanion works just like a normal Windows desktop except that it is run on the internet instead of locally, on a computer. Because everything is run from and stored on the internet, Nivio is:

• familiar . Just like a traditional PC, Nivio is powered by Microsoft Windows. Users can also access programs they're familiar with like iTunes, Skype, MSN Messenger or Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

• future proof . all performance updates happen online so nothing ever goes out of date.

• secure . Files are automatically backed-up daily and kept safe and private just like an online vault. There's no need to worry about viruses either, as all virus security is managed by Nivio.

• simple to use . New programs can be added in seconds without installation, and users only pay for what they use on a monthly basis.

• accessible anywhere . A virtual Nivio computer is only as far away as the nearest internet-connected device. All files are stored online in the same way as photos are saved online with Flickr or emails are stored on Hotmail. Users simply go to the Nivio website and log in.

Nivio has initially partnered with Bharti Airtel to offer consumers low cost, high powered computing. Together, they hope to extend access to computing for those in India who don't currently own a computer. The first stage of the launch is a limited release launch in New Delhi and the NCR region followed by a national roll-out. Over the next few months, nivioCompanions will also be available through a partnership with Next Retail in the Delhi NCR Region in selected stores ( http://www.nivio.com/NEXTStores).

nivioCompanion costs from just Rs4999 (approx US$100) for a standalone device. It is also available with a 15” LCD screen, keyboard and mouse for Rs7999 (approx US$160). Once connected to a broadband internet connection, the nivioCompanion offers a full Windows XP experience complete with a full version of Microsoft Office (and the option to rent other software from leading publishers) and 10GB of storage.

Sachin Duggal, President & CEO, Nivio “There are two ways to make computing affordable – one is to give an inferior cut-down offering and the other is to make the whole ecosystem more efficient by offloading the work to the internet. The latter is what we do at Nivio. The launch of the nivioCompanion today marks the start of a new era in smart and low cost computing – powered by an online grid computer; a bit like how homes get electricity.

“We now have over 80,000 Nivio customers and they asked us repeatedly for different ways to connect to Nivio; we listened, researched and developed the nivioCompanion, the first of many nivioEnabled devices. While this is our first piece of hardware, our specialism is software and we've been busy building an eco-system with hardware partners to create more devices to connect with our world-first service. As they say – watch this space, Nivio is very much “always turned on!”

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