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Exhibition held by HP at Hotel Taj

February 22nd, 2008 admin

Chandigarh: Yesterday (22/2/2008) HP has conducted exhibition at Hotel Taj at Chandigarh. In this exhibition HP has invited his Business partner Fastrackcomputing Limited, principals of most of schools, teachers and scientists etc. HP has conducted three rounds of their program.

In the first rounds HP representative has told about this software like this software is helpful for teachers and science students. This software is also related with DBMS and teachers can use this software for wireless attendance, student records, maths and science subjects. This software also gives help to teach the student of above 5 years old.

In second round HP representative has given demo of this software and gives information about its features.

In third round HP has given information about Hardware configurations of laptops and Desktops. In laptops HP team members shows their latest commercial and normal models.

Amitab Bachan, Jimmy Shergil, and Bava Sehgal were also present at this exhibition held in Hotel Taj.

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